General Course Information


1. principals Our training courses will help our customers to more efficiently solve your specific problems using standard software. Subordinated to this goal is the design of our courses and course materials. That we try as many examples from their own practice of the participant to be included in the course and to document this.
2. location We conduct our training sessions in Baar or at the customers-location. With  portable training devices for a max. Number of 8 participants per course, we also carry out a course at the location of your choice. All we need is a conference room.
3. Type of courses

Our courses are divided into:

  • basic courses
  • target audience-oriented courses
  • advanced courses
  • workshops
  • themed courses
  • Individual / Small Group Instruction

The course topics are based on the previous knowledge of the participants and the client's objectives.

4. Duration We run our courses as a full-day courses, half-day courses, Saturday courses or evening courses. In general, we perform a multi-day course with intervals of one week. In between the participant has time implement what they have learned from the course days into their own praxis.


5. Attendance Allowing individuals to work as intensively as possible, the number of participants is limited to 8.
6. Course Dates For standard-courses ask for our Agenda. In company courses you have as a customer significant impact on the design of scheduling courses.
7. Course Preparation

For standard courses, participants will receive detailed information about the necessary knowledge and any preparatory tasks.
Existing individual knowledge of the participants is determined using our checklists. Together with the defined training priorities then we develop an individual course program and choose the course examples out of the companies practice.

8. Teachers

Our Teachers  ar own employees or freelancers and are all experienced practitioners. The programs in which you are training to put them in their own practice one for your problem solutions.
Likewise, we emphasize that our speakers meet the demands of the modern adult education in their appearance and didactic behavior. Not lecturing in classroom atmosphere, but interactive lessons with the inclusion of personal practice and the knowledge of the participant in the foreground.

9. Documentation For most topics, we have our own documents. This we can also adapt according to your wishes (eg with your company logo). The course materials are designed so that the essential functions are described for working in practice in word and image. A thematic table of contents facilitates a fast search of information.
10. Implementation There is still no master fallen from the sky. A good education is certainly a prerequisite. But without personal training after the course and maybe a meaningfull adaption of organization the work, with the possibilities to rationalize, will give support for a better an more efficient use of the SW-Tools.
11. Accompaniment

We offer you therefore as accompanying measures:

  • workshop's
  • Support by phone / fax
  • Supporting the design of work processes
  • individual training
  • Ready-made applications